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Jot+ Notes 3.6.0

Comprehensive note keeping


  • Flexible
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  • Recognizable system


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Very good

If you do a lot of research, as a student or writer, you'll need a good way to store notes. There are many ways to do this, and Jot+ Notes aims to be a comprehensive storage system for whatever text information you want to store.

It's organized like a folder tree in windows, so will be recognizable to most people. You can easily add new notes, and drag them to any location within Jot+ Notes. There is an effective search tool, so if you do lose something, you can find it easily again.

A particularly good aspect of Jot+ Notes is the formatting. There are quick formatting buttons for making lists or bullet points and so on, which work perfectly. Chancing fonts and so on is totally intuitive, and there are all the basic text editing tools you'd expect on a writing application. There's also a quick time stamp tool, so everything can easily be identified by date.

This is a 30 day demo with no major limitations, and it is a very clean, fast and well organized application. the help section is excellent, providing comprehensive guides and explanations of the program. Like some wikis, it also supports some code, for inserting dates, for example making it a powerful tool if you need it.

While the folder tree is hardly a revolutionary way to organize information, it is one most people are familiar with, and as long as you use it sensibly, Jot+ Notes can be a really useful tool for anyone who has information they want to store in a retrievable way.

Jot+ Notes


Jot+ Notes 3.6.0

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